effective visual communication

Dashboard Reporting

Reports have one goal: communication. Custom dashboards, tailored to business objectives and organizational needs, communicate for effective decision making.

At its core, a dashboard is platform for reports, visually displaying the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives. It is the front end of a data management infrastructure. There is a great deal of diversity in dashboard reporting systems. Accordingly, there exists a wide range of effectiveness among them.

Dashboards, falling under the umbrella of Business Intelligence, have inherited a reputation of being costly, lumbering IT projects that “usually fall far short of their potential.” ¹ Slate believes the most important aspect of a dashboard is communication. “Technology enables business intelligence, but sometimes, too great a focus on technology can sabotage business intelligence initiatives. It is the people who will most make your BI efforts a wild success.” ²

We have a keen understanding of database design, a genuine obsession with statistics, and a passion for data visualization. These attributes are platform and industry agnostic. By using conventional software in unconventional ways, we make enterprise quality dashboards at a fraction of the enterprise cost.

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² Successful Business Intelligence by Cindi Howson